How Do Shoes Trigger Back Pain?

Everyone can agree that back pain can be pretty annoying, particularly when it makes certain activities such as driving, working out, or walking harder. It’s common knowledge that using high heels can trigger back pain. However, it may not be common that other types of shoes can trigger back pain as well.
This article helps you understand how your shoes can cause back pain and how you can tackle this issue.
How Exactly Does Shoes Trigger Back Pain?
This is definitely an interesting question to answer because there is an …

Makeup with Your Outfits

Tips on How to Match Your Makeup with Your Outfits

One way to make your outfit popping is to match your makeup. As mentioned by, Knowing how to match your makeup with your outfit can give you confidence and make you stand out from the crowd. However, there are rules to be followed to achieve the perfect look without going overboard.
Below are some tips for matching your makeup with your outfit.

Choose a Single-Color Palette

Most people are not afraid to express themselves and their personalities and this is evident in their choice of outfit. Some are adventurous and don’t mind wearing …

Foreo Luna Fofo Cleansing Brush

The name “Luna Fofo” may sound silly, but trust us, this device means business. Just like any other products from the pioneer of cleansing brush, Foreo, Luna Fofo should be on your next “must-have items” list.
The device looks very similar to Luna Play, except with the gold accent on its back. Before you start using Luna Fofo, you have to download the Foreo For You app on your phone and link it to your device using the Bluetooth connection. The first thing you should do here is answering a few questions such as …