Foreo Luna Fofo Cleansing Brush

The name “Luna Fofo” may sound silly, but trust us, this device means business. Just like any other products from the pioneer of cleansing brush, Foreo, Luna Fofo should be on your next “must-have items” list.

The device looks very similar to Luna Play, except with the gold accent on its back. Before you start using Luna Fofo, you have to download the Foreo For You app on your phone and link it to your device using the Bluetooth connection. The first thing you should do here is answering a few questions such as skin type, activities, sensitivity level, etc. Based on your answers, the app will then generate a personalized cleansing routine.

Now that you have your personalized cleansing routine, you can put the device to work. Apply some cleaning gel beforehand and gently use the device on your skin. When it is time for you to move to another area, the device will pulse.

When you’re done, rinse the device with water. You don’t have to do anything to keep it clean because it comes with anti-bacterial silicone bristles.

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