Beauty Bioscience GloPro

Are you familiar with the term “micro-needling”? It is now a rising method used by people to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and many other skin issues. The idea is to trigger the regeneration of collagen for fresh and smooth skin.

Now, you can do micro-needling at the comfort of your own home using a device called Beauty Bioscience GloPro.

The first time you see this device, you may think that it looks more like a torturing device instead of a beauty tool. It is understandable because it looks like a stick that has a rollerball packed with needles on its top.

You should not worry about the needles because they are the ones who will create the microtears on your skin.

We would not say that it feels good on your skin, but they are not painful anyway. The sensation is quite similar to using a gritty face scrub. Some users said that you should use it at night because your skin will get red after each application.

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