Hot Topic’s Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette

Hot Topic, the brand behind this product, previously made another memorabilia makeup edition based on the famous toy collection, Polly Pocket. And now, to pay tribute to the long-gone video rental chain, it launched another vintage-themed product called Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette.

Look at these colors!!!

The first time you see this eyeshadow palette, it will bring back your 90’s childhood memory. The packaging is pretty straightforward, to be honest. With a strong blue and yellow color, it is not hard for anyone that this product is inspired by the Blockbuster brand.

Inside, you will see 12 different matte eye shadow shades from neutral hues like brick red and light brown to the more vibrant ones like light blue and green shades.

But don’t expect to find normal color labels because each of the shades is named based on movie genres such as adventure, sci-fi, and cartoon.

This eyeshadow palette is priced at $14 which is not a bad deal for something very unique like this – and the quality is great too. But we must say that this one is not for you who are looking for blend-ability.

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