Lorac’s Dewy Skin Prep Primer and Moisturizer

Lorac has been around in the beauty industry for more than 25 years. And after years of success with their cosmetic products, they launched their first skincare product this year.

They launched Lorac’s Dewy Skin Prep. It is a combination between primer and a moisturizer which means besides being a base for your makeup only, it also keeps your skin from being dry.  So with this product, you can skip the moisturizing step in your makeup routine.

The senior product development director of the company, Molly Smith, stated that the idea originally came from the need to create a product that makes our face glowing while keeping the performance of the makeup.

Apart from the moisturizing property, this product also contains matcha tea and jade powder extracts. This will help to avoid and fight skin inflammations which often happen when you use makeup regularly.

Lorac’s Dewy Skin Prep comes in a chich small square pot and has a gel-like texture. To use it, simply grab a dime-sized portion of it using your finger and apply it evenly on your facial skin.

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