Is It Safe to Dye Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Women love to dye and bleach their hair for various reasons. Some do it because it enhances their confidence, while others do it simply because they are bored.

But some of you may have this question in mind, “Is it safe to dye or bleach hair during pregnancy?”. You may have met people with different opinions on this thing. So to answer whether it is safe or not, we’ve collected some experts’ opinions.

We will start with the ingredients in the hair dyes. Historically, hair dyes contain toxic chemicals, but now, it is a completely different situation.

Lauren Streicher, a clinical professor at Feinberg School of Medicine, said that theoretically, today’s hair dyes and bleaching agents are very safe for the human body as they no longer contain carcinogens and dangerous chemicals.

However, those hair dyes and bleaching agents have not been tested on pregnant women, making it impossible to test them. So if you insist on getting your hair dyed or bleached, you can do it after a 12-week pregnancy period. It is because the first trimester is the most crucial period for your fetus’ growth.

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