Hot Topic’s Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette

Hot Topic, the brand behind this product, previously made another memorabilia makeup edition based on the famous toy collection, Polly Pocket. And now, to pay tribute to the long-gone video rental chain, it launched another vintage-themed product called Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette.
Look at these colors!!!
The first time you see this eyeshadow palette, it will bring back your 90’s childhood memory. The packaging is pretty straightforward, to be honest. With a strong blue and yellow color, it is not hard…

Foreo Luna Fofo Cleansing Brush

The name “Luna Fofo” may sound silly, but trust us, this device means business. Just like any other products from the pioneer of cleansing brush, Foreo, Luna Fofo should be on your next “must-have items” list.
The device looks very similar to Luna Play, except with the gold accent on its back. Before you start using Luna Fofo, you have to download the Foreo For You app on your phone and link it to your device using the Bluetooth connection. The first thing you should do here is answering a few questions such as …

Beauty Bioscience GloPro

Are you familiar with the term “micro-needling”? It is now a rising method used by people to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and many other skin issues. The idea is to trigger the regeneration of collagen for fresh and smooth skin.
Now, you can do micro-needling at the comfort of your own home using a device called Beauty Bioscience GloPro.
The first time you see this device, you may think that it looks more like a torturing device instead of a beauty tool. It is understandable because it looks like a …

Differin Adapalene Gel

Years of living with acne, blackheads, and flares during our early life often leave us with a rough facial skin texture and discoloration. If you experience this kind of problem, then it may be a good idea for you to try Differin adapalene gel.
Differin adapalene gel is the first-ever retinoid gel that is approved for over-the-counter consumption. It was prescripted for the first time in 1996 by skin doctors to solve acne issues. It works by fighting the…

Dyson’s Supersonic Hairdryer

Three hundred ninety-nine dollars just for a hairdryer? Well, we must tell you that this one is worth every penny!
This hair dryer is not just any hairdryer. The maker, Dyson, spent more than four years developing this product. With the help of more than 100 engineers, they ended up resulting in a revolutionary hairdryer for their customers.
Okay, if you still think that spending $399 for a hairdryer is not worth it, then let us explain what this product has for you first.
The first thing we want to tell you that it was designed for everyone and …