Bakuchiol Products for Natural Retinol Alternatives

Are you familiar with Bakuchiol? It is an antioxidant found in Psoralea seeds. It gained its popularity because people are seeking a safer and gentler alternative to retinol which has been known for its harshness and drying effect on sensitive skins. Traditional medicines have been used to treat rashes and redness and also for healing wounds.

When you put it in your skincare routine, you will get a smoother skin texture and enhance the elasticity of your skin. You can use it to solve issues on hyperpigmentation too.

Bakuchiol works by triggering collagen production, so it can also be used to slow down the aging process. Moreover because it is categorized as an antioxidant as it will also fight off free radicals and reduce the effect of pollutions.

Researchers and skincare companies have made various products containing Bakuchiol. Read below to know about those products.

Verse Press Restart Serum

Verse labeled this product as a “gentle retinol serum” because it still contains retinol in it. Even so, the company claimed that the effect of this serum is well-tolerated by every skin type and complexion.

The Inkey List Moisturizer

This moisturizer works great for you who have an oily skin type. It has a lightweight consistency and works gently.

Paula’s Choice Retinol and Bakuchiol Treatment

This product also uses a combination of retinol and bakuchiol. It aims to treat pigmentation and wrinkles safely.

Herbivore Bakuchiol Serum

The public demand for this product is very high, and many are devoted to this one. This serum is water-based and has a natural lilac color that comes from the eggplant and basil extracts.

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