Top Skincare Questions from Women Over 40

Skin lines, wrinkles, and age spots are some of the most common skin issues women encounter. To answer questions about those issues, we have prepared a list of “top skincare questions from women over 40”.

Is there any healthy and safe way to treat skin lines and wrinkles?

Skin lines and wrinkles are nothing to be afraid of. Reese Witherspoon even once said that she “earned” them because she sees them as a sign of wisdom. However, not all women adore them like Reese Witherspoon.

So, what is the solution then? To fight skin lines and wrinkles, the best solution is AHA and BHA. They will remove dead skin cells and trigger the production of fresh skin cells.

Are antioxidants that crucial for my over-40 skin?

The answer here is YES! Antioxidants play a big part in defending your skin from pollutions and the aging process. They fight free radicals and prevent oxidation, two of the main factors in the aging process.

Is it hyperpigmentation or age spots?

Hyperpigmentation is a widely used term that refers to any darkening or discoloration on an area of your skin. It might be related to a wide range of causes, from something as simple as sunburns or acne scars to something as serious as melasma.

So whenever you spot discoloration on your skin, you should go see a dermatologist because there’s a possibility that it might be linked to a certain type of skin cancer.

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