What is Fungal Acne?

On online platforms like Reddit or beauty TikTok, Fungal Acne is becoming a hot theme. Users of the two platforms define fungal acne as those stubborn bumps that stay on your face. They won’t go away, and it is so hard to remove them.

However, according to dermatologists, there is no such thing as fungal acne.

It is an infection on the hair follicle part caused by Malassezia yeast.  Malassezia yeast lives on everyone’s skin, but in this particular case, there is too much Malassezia yeast on your skin. It tends to happen during hot and humid days.

Unlike real acne, this so-called “fungal acne” is contagious through skin contact because there is yeast involved. So if you notice someone is having this problem, you better keep your distance away.

To treat it, you can simply use body wash. Or, if the problem persists, your dermatologist might give you medication involving topical sulfur.

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